7th week: 20.12.12 Carolin

This week we summarized what we have done so far. The mind maps below give a brief overview.



6th week: 16.12.12 Anna

In the last week, a lot of interesting things happened with our Blog, Bizinga.
So I took my pencil and notebook out and had a few talks with my colleagues about what they did and what they were going to work on next!

Roi‘s last post, iBlack was all about the surprise he felt when he compared the revenues from the Black Friday Sales from Apple to those from Microsoft. Since he’s a real Apple fan, you might imagine his glee when he found out that Microsoft really didn’t do well that day!
Since his next post will probably be published only after our Christmas break, I confidently expect some reference to Apple’s Christmas Sales next – though in light of our Literature Review, he will probably want to also find some discussions about it. Like for example, whether Apple improved over the last year, how their (maybe Marketing) strategies are for the future, how they expect to keep their market-leading position, etc!

Caro concluded in her last post that Facebook manipulates our Consumer Behaviour. She gave loads of fascinating statistics about how our favorite networking site is also an advertising tool.
Caro works together closely with Lucy, so her next direction might actually go into the direction of the bullying taking place at Apple. It will serve as a combination of her last topics, since Aple is a US firm and Lucys topic, which is workplace bullying. I’m sure there’s loads of experts on that topic, too!

Lucy, on the other hand, has been working on Working Conditions in the U.S., but has also specialized on Workplace bullying. That’ll come in handy when she and Caro go over their posts together – using our Konstanze Model! She herself wants to explore next who is responsible when Workplace Bullying occurs, but especially, how the situation might be improved.

Charlene was totally crazed about Project Management/Current Issues in Management last week. She completely embraced our new research methods and has written very academic posts. In her next work, which will most likely be about Transparency issues, she will probably uncover yet more interesting facts about our aspired future profession: Managers!

Viktoria has hitherto written a lot about languages. You’ll remember her work about English, the Lingua Franca, but especially her last post about web localization and web globalization! She intends to dig deeper into those topics. She’s very fascinated about jobs that require language skills – why, for example, do people abroad look specifically for German native speakers in their internships?

Quite apart from these fascinating topics, we have also changed a few things about our Blog. There will be a new Week-In-Preview Section, where everyone will exclusively write about his/her next post! We are also working on new Mindmaps, as well as improving our About page, so you, our readers, will get to know us even better.

5th Week: 10.12.12 Viktoria

This week we, the Bizinga Blogger, experienced some great “AHA” moments.
Firstly we started to realize the benefits from working with the “Konstanze-Model” which enriched all of us since we actively learnt from the feedback, inspiration and criticism our team partners gave us.
Our meetings always take place on wednesday which is the day where we discuss what we learnt and what has to be done or changed in future. These meetings are usually a laid-back session where we try to help each other out and bring the whole project onto a higher level. Our biggest success this week was to find out why pictures where not displayed either on our “home” site nor on our blog representation on brucespear.info. After some vibrant discussions and theories why we are the only group whose images are not displayed we began to think it had to deal with an act of conspiracy against us – for a very brief moment. After some careful looking our brilliant webmaster Anna found out more about what “featured images” were and how to change the settings to add a “featured image”. By adding one specific photo chosen from the media library it can function as a post’s representative photo. And as soon as all of us did it for our individual blog posts these particular images also appeared on our “home” and next correspondingly next to each blog post on brucespear.info.
It was only a tiny piece of action but however it brought us and our blog a lot further. We benefited from an intensive discussion round as a group which made us interact with each other even better. This might be only a small tool that we discovered but now we know and can apply it and we are curious about learning more about that kind of blogging secrets that might still be ahead of all of us.
Last week we also focused o reviewing our overall layout which we have changed now for the third time in total. We are now very happy with it and probably it will remain as it is at the moment.
Another point that we discussed last week was how to do marketing for our blog. In this context we tried to plan how to elaborate a strategy to reach more readers and this will be subject to discussion next week. All in all we all believe that this is a very exciting aspect of the project that we would like work on a little more.

4th week: 02.12.2012 Charlene

Survey about our new Model which works this way: In groups of two, one is posting every second week and the other week giving advice to the partner. Did it work out? I asked around.

Survey Konztanze Model

Roi & Anna – liked it
Once you can criticize objectively another topic, the week after, you can take your own critique for your post without thinking too subjectively about yourselves.
Viktoria & Charlene – liked it
New perspectives, new arguments and ideas that improve the work a lot more than one could do oneself. Give each other hints & inspiration.
Caro & Lucy – liked it
Could solve technical problems, e.g. on HTML together

Third Week: 25.11.12 Lucy

This weeks post are:

  • Business Process Philosophy
  • The role of trust in the economic crisis
  • USA – Land of Opportunity?
  • Happy iHoliday
  • English – the Business World’s Lingua Franca? 

Business Process Philiosophy – By writing this blogpost, Charlene learned to quote correctly and she experienced that other people are talking about the same topic. As she only cited one author, she will be focusing on linking several authors within the next post.

The role of trust in the economic crisis – This blopgost deals with the question how trust in differnt countries affect the economy.
How can trust be measured? Are there recognizable differences in the countries?

USA-Land of Opportunity – This blogpost deals with the so called land of opportunity and its working conditions. I focused on the link between the post before and this one. Furthermore, I wanted it to be very clear and short so I will continue with the working conditions in the next post.

Happy iHoliday – Roi and Anna worked together on this post, new statistic about Apple products and the kids demands for this products.

English – the Business World’s Lingua Franca? – This blog post deals with the English being a bridge language in today’s business world. English language is the language that connects business people in multi national companies. But is it really the Lingua Franca of today’s business?

Second Week: 28.11.12 Roi

During our productive meeting on Wednesday

We create our new group mind map,

to each topic- we added future development ides ( we love to think one step a head)

The star next to the topics represents the name of the author and the topic he/she wrote about on week one)

Photo 14.11.12 15 23 53

Group Name:

We all have few ideas, some want to include the IBMAN in the title

And some want to use the Initial and create the group name.

Photo 14.11.12 15 19 59

We also discussed that “individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean“ , group team will bring out blog as far as possibale and we all looking forward to work together in the same group and see what will happen. good luck to us all!

First Week: 12.11.12 Carolin

Group Leaders: Viktoria, Lucy

Webmaster: Anna, Charlene

Mind Mapper / Tag Edditors: Carolin, Roi

Week-in-Review/ Author Page Editors: due to the fact that we are only 5 people we will split this task. Every week someone else will do this job

Week1: Carolin


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