16.12.2012 Charlene 

As I started writing about Current Project Management Issues, my next Post will be all about The Great Project Management Debate. Have you heard of it? No? Well, wait a few days and be introduced to different professionals with an opinion about it in my Post or you may even have  look around the WWW!

17.12.12 Caro

I started my posting history writing about the role of trust in the economy and how it contributed to the economic crisis. Last week I concentrated on A false-friend considering trust, which is facebook and explained how at manipulates our consumer behavior. This week I will look at another false friend considering “trust”: Apple. It’s products are supposed to be better than others, the brand phylosophy different and much more modern than in other firms. My idea is to combine multiple topics this time. Apple + Trust + Working Conditions = The truth behind Apple – Do their workers suffer?

22.12.12 Viktoria

 I am going to dig deeper into the area of Web Localization where language plays a major role. However I would like to research how companies realize Web Localization in real. I am probably going to spilt my post in another two parts:

1.Phenomenon:  “WANTED: German intern in London/Amsterdam/Warsaw/Amsterdam/Paris”

2. Language Trends in Business (Chinese, Russian and Arabian at the moment)  

03.01.13 Viktoria

In my very last post where I have discussed Web Localization and the fact that international interns play a major role in that process I have already announced that I will make a small detour to the bright topic of internships in the area of online marketing and discuss the benefits and working conditions of international interns – from a company’s and a student’s point of view.


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