Web Globalization – Lingua Franca = Web Localization?
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Web Globalization – Lingua Franca = Web Localization?

As I have started writing in my previous blog post English- the Business World’s Lingua Franca? English is the number one language when it comes to business – but not always. Today I am going to discuss when local languages play a major role in the business world.  I have been mentioning multinational companies in which most … Continue reading

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More than just one language – Multilingualism in Business. The Next Generation is Getting ready.

No culture can survive, if it attempts to be exclusive. By Mahatma Gandhi. Language is a crucial part when it comes to culture. Especially nowadays as the world is becoming interdependent in terms of economy and partially in politics. People move with their families where jobs are offered and as Sachin Rambhau Kukale, an Indian business blogger, … Continue reading