The Bloggers: Who are we?


I am a 22 year-old International Business Student studying at the Business School of Economics and Law in Berlin. Next to my studies I focus on my great passion: Languages. My professional objective is to work in an international and multicultural company to which I ideally might become an asset, knowing several foreign languages. Next to Polish and German which are both my mother tongues, I am in very good command of the English and French language, currently working on improving my Dutch and Italian skills.

Next to languages I am also interested in the area of finance. I my blog posts I will probably remain on working on the subjects language in business and ideally connect it with finance if possible.


Hey there, my name is actually Carolin, but I prefer Caro if you don’t mind. I’m 21 years old and just like vikiibman I am an IBMAN student at the HWR in Berlin. Born and raised in Berlin, I made my first foreign experiences in Texas, where I spent a high school exchange year in 2007 / 08. During that time period I improved my English and developed an interest in foreign cultures and languages, a passion which I would like to immerse in during my studies. Other topics which interest my quite a lot and which I would like to focus my posts on are cultural differences and human relations in general.


Ira Parka names the Parka pictured on the left. I am Charlene, studying International Business Management in Berlin and all I have in common with this Parka is the fact I love its name. It’s as fascinating as talking about Philosophy, about complexity, everything that makes life charming and worth living – which my blog posts are about. I am studying Management in order to understand the frame of a complex world (economy), to work within in and be able to stay creative and thoughtful – a combination which can inspire but does not lose focus. Wondering where this is heading to? Bringing creativity into Management. Where did I do this? When working as part of a movie crew (e.g. for documentaries seen on NDR). Is constant questioning helpful for a business? When asking the right questions, yes. This I am learning in my college right now. 


Hi there!
I’m Anna (well I guess you figured that out), and same as my fellow bloggers, I’m one of the HWR’s very own IBMAN students. I’m originally from Bavaria – which is still home to me – but came to Berlin to explore some new horizons. My interests lie with foreign cultures (and languages), and I hope someday to find a job niche for me that will allow for frequent travel! Apart from our weekly updates on this blog, it’s my task to webmaster it
(so I’ll be partly in charge for  the gaudy designs!).

Since I’m professionally very keen to learn more about Marketing/Advertising, I’m sure you’ll read something about these topics soon!


Hi guys, I’m Lucy, actually named Lucy-Denise but not many know as I always go with Lucy. As you have read the word IBMAN a couple of times now, guess what?  I’m also an so called IBMAN student of the HWR Berlin. As Caro I was born and raised in Berlin and I also got to experience the the land of unlimited possibilities (USA) as an exchange student in 2007/08. Therefore I am very interested into the english language and the american job world. So you will read a lot about the USA and special american jobs from me. As I used to be a ballroom dancer, I would also like to combine Business with sports.


hi readers!

I’m from Israel, based in Berlin. I used to live in Cairo, Amsterdam and Paris.

I visited many different countries and cities between the years  2006-2007, from Osaka to Miami, Beijing to Kiev and so many more…

i love to explore new cultures, religion and to see how diffrent people can see the same ‘object’ but to have different point of view.

Have fun reading our blogposts and feel free to leave comments!


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