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Got a coffee, the day can start. Not just a coffee and a breakfast at first, but answering mails, preparing for the daily business. That displays the morning of the student and author ROICOHEN who is blogging about Apple products – let me correct that one, not just the products, but mainly the impact they have. What would Roi bring into a business beside his knowledge and passion? It’s constructive, critical, positive thinking. If you need someone who does not just perform in the job, but who is able to evaluate his own performance and therefore improve himself on a daily basis – think about Roi.

Sweet! Morning’s started, get your way over to college with a smile in your face because you’re not only studying, but also enjoying it!


Next is our author ANNA who’s been blogging about Afghanistan so far and has now started on Marketing. You may read about her on the who-are-we page; what you are not going to see there is her great ability to work in a team. A smart girl who prioritizes the team work, can see who needs help or a few words to cheer them up and get working again. She can also objectively analyze her work and is always looking for ways to improve her posts. Have a look!
Think it’s cheesy to point out the joy we have studying International Business Management? In fact, it might seem cheesy, but it actually is pure luck. Luckily, the authors of this blog chose a course which can make them become a passionate employee – or even entrepreneur. Ambitious thinking? Yes, because we are that ambitious. So keep up the pretty smile!


The second girl in our group is one of the so called “over-archievers”. She is not a perfectionist – when you watch her working, you understand why a 15 min task for her is done in 15 min and then improved over the next 15 min, if time’s available. If someone can manage time efficiently – it’s CARO. If someone can do multitasking without getting stressed – it’s Caro. If someone can take absolute responsibility for herself – it’s Caro. Have I mentioned she’s only 21 and has worked in catering for over 4 years by now? As an author for this blog, her posts are about different cultures – have a look!


Reminded of a “who are we” Page? Let me put this into context – taking our authors as examples, the skills explained are either already required for the student life or going to be required in our job life as an International Business Manager.
International? We’re studying the American systems (e.g. in finance), but always also looking at other cultures, keeping it diverse, keeping it global. No matter where the students are from, the language in our classes is English. Germans, Israelis, Czechs, Spanish, French, American, … as it did not matter where you’re from to apply for this course, the students’ backgrounds are diverse, bringing in different ways of thinking, studying, living – get us open-minded.


Thinking globally and being passionate about languages; that’s Vikiibman, the author blogging about exactly that. German and Polish mother tongue, fluent in English, French and Dutch and also learning Italian; she knows what she’s talking about already and still improves it whenever there’s a possibility. I could go on about this passion, but what really makes her valuable in a business is the fact that she is a great group leader. Definition of great here? Staying friendly, objective, observing all the time. Her ability to hold a group together, motivating the slower ones and also noticing disharmony and solving that differ her from normal leaders to a great leader.

Soft Skills

Taking leadership is one of the skills you learn in between your IBMAN courses. We get trained in a lot of, and very different, groups to take on various roles – e.g. the leader, the opponent, the follower and so on. With time, we also get to know more and more of these roles. How to act with teammates that take on different roles is yet another experience we make. What am I going to do if someone in my group is not showing up? How am I going to make this person show up? This is a huge learning process we are going through right now.


“Look at this girl! She looks like a different person from ten minutes ago. She had a critique, a question, now we discussed it and she already took it on.” – Freely quoted from Mr. Spear. When you ask others what is it that makes Lucy special, they say how well she can criticize, objective and constructive. That is one ability, but her ability to immediately learn and take in advice give her a completely different advantage in any business – the possibility of constantly improving and improving quickly! Staying up-to-date then is only one of the side effects.

Soft Skills Part 2

Is that all about International Business Management? Soft Skills, Management, Passion, Internationality? There is something (and a lot more) to it: Being able to specialize, to stay individual. Like Finance? We can specialize in it! Like Marketing? Also a possibility! Want to keep your passion, e.g. a country? Use this as an example for the assignments due in class. Want to build up a network? Start working in our Partys, e.g. Asta and get to know employees from diverse branches (e.g. an investmentbanker), get to know inspiring people, get to know current and future influencing people.


One last author to mention: CHARLENE, that’s me. What makes me different from others? The fact that I am not judging anyone. There are special, charming, remarkable characteristics every person has and there are also the downsides – some can already handle their weaknesses, some feel lost and are still learning that. People surprise! Listening, observing, analyzing the ones that come across wherever I am give me the ability to actively work to my potential, no matter who I am working with.


Before our day ends, we learned to analyze it. This morning, we were answering mails, writing whatever the assignments were and a bit more, went on to college, learned, experienced, grew, enjoyed and probably exhausted get back home or to our social life. Rethink the day, was it successful, was it a happy day? Just like in a business, we would analyze our finances and our goals.
That’s the team and the background of this blog – experience, read, take in, but first and foremost: enjoy.

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