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A Round Of Crystal Ball Gazing

Hello Readers!

With the last trends of 2012 being recorded, predictions have started on how this year will turn out. So, for my final blog post, I would like to see what the crystal ball gazers have come up with!

Trends in (Web) Design


Gannon Burgett of has come up with 13 Predictions for  Trends in Design for 2013: along with Flat Designs mimicking Windows 8’s new OS (see picture) and larger Fonts on web pages (to accommodate the usage of small screens on smartphones), Burgett predicts that more and more Web Pages will want to achieve what he calls “responsive designs.”

These are web layouts that “will work on every device almost effortlessly […] presenting me with the exact same information in an aesthetically appealing manner.”

The problem, I imagine, is to achieve compatibility with not only different browsers (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc) but different screen resolutions and different operating systems as well.

Responsive design is becoming the go-to way to present web-based content. Designing specifically for every device in the world is nothing short of impossible […].


Search Engines

google-searchAndreas Lenz from looked more into the direction of upcoming trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What I found particularly fascinating about his predictions were his notions about user behavior. Lenz described an algorithm that might, in future, sort Search Engine hits according to user content.

Say, for example, a user clicked on a search hit, but returned to the search results almost immediately to find another, then that says he was not content with his first choice. Lenz predicts that Search Engines will need to optimize their search results somehow, else they will go down in ranking – and probably, internet traffic.



In 2012, the introduction of Apples iPad Mini was a huge success: released in November, “ads served to iPad Minis grew 28% per day” ( This information stems from the 2012 Mobile Highlights infographic, publishing their examinations of the mobile leaders that year. And while said infographic states that  “The iPad mini is growing, but don’t worry, the full size iPad isn’t going anywhere”, knowing what I know since my last blog post, “Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree”, how long can it be till one hardware replaces the other?



Concluding, I personally was baffled by the amount of predictions for the year. I think they all have to be taken in with a certain amount of caution: while some might hold true, others may be totally false.

I mean, for all the posts I published, I could not once have truly predicted where my next blog post might be leading me. When it’s as unpredictable on such a basic level, how difficult must predicting the future for huge companies or Marketing strategies be!



One thought on “A Round Of Crystal Ball Gazing

  1. Dear Anna,

    I must admit I always enjoy reading your posts. Now having read all of them I can only say: WOW. You made such a progress and you became really good at what you are doing. You have a specific style that I really admire. You are creative, smart and you have a certain sense of humor which makes your post valuable and sophisticated.
    You have introduced this post in a very charming way. I really believe that you have an eye for blogging.
    Well done and thank you for what you have taught me this semester.
    All the best.

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