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Welcome Project Management to 2013!

Hannibal was once to say: “We will either find a way, or make one” 

I remember sitting together in a group today talking about ideas. Basically, any ideas that will matter in 2013 and how to find them on the world wide web. Hell we had a lot! Were they of any worth? Now being home, with a Mate (has as much caffeine as legally allowed) let’s check them out, focusing on Project Management in my case!

Solving Project Management Problems  for the future

295023450_9f84e58c3a_bWith financial crises, natural disasters, US and EU instability, the focus on investors is sharpened and professionalism is needed, according to the author of (see Blogroll). ESI points out that missed deadlines, exceeded budgets (I just remembered the BER airport disaster) is mostly due to inaccurate or unclear plans. Srinivasa Roa, blogging on the, points out that “Projects will start to be identified in different functions where they might not exist very often, e.g. in Marketing and Finance departments”.  ESI agrees that there aren’t enough informal PM’s – these are employees whose particular job involves Project Management indirectly. As outsourcing has become a big trend in companies, Projects that are outsourced might be in charge of a Project Manager who has nothing to do with the original company itself, eventually losing focus as ESI is worried about. Also, even certified Project Managers are not necessarily known for being qualified PM’s. Therefore, due to the high criticism, the U.S. government is most likely to upgrade its PM certification.

Possibilities in Project Management to come in 2013

468487548_f48505c182_oWe all know the information overload due to various sources (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, … – oh wow, this is so hard to write about and NOT go to social media now! Will. keep. on. writing.) which are easy ways to procrastinate. I mean, if one sends you an e-mail while you’re checking Facebook, you might point out, that you did not yet read the e-mail before starting the work to be done. Using one platform instead, where everybody is linked to, this excuse is gone. Instead of sending an e-mail, team members will create new tasks for each other in their online tool. As each team member works their individual task list, work will be completed while keeping other team members informed. Accountability is maintained because visibility to the tasks is made transparent to the project organisation. Team members cannot claim they haven’t been informed if the request was entered as a task that everyone views. If you would like to check that out, I can recommend Asana, a program I use with the fellow bloggers here for example to get us organized and working on time. According to the author of, in 2013, the individual task list will be the new inbox.

What else is out there to find? Keep the world wide web in mind. As shared information vi the internet has low overhead cost, it accelerates creativity and collaboration. E.g. via Facebook, creativity is possible for everyone, sharing thoughts, ideas and so on built on daily activities seeking affirmation and feedback. These creative and eventually innovative thoughts of any team members can be supported introducing a contemporary social business platform.

At the start of this post, I wrote about myself and how I got to this topic, but instead of keeping the storytelling, every time I learn and write about Project Management, I lose my inner voice and can only concentrate on the work as it fascinates me and keeps me busy much more efficiently than anything I would like to think about in this moment could do. Ordering a Latte Macchiato was the most I could do during working.

To conclude, Communication skills, negotiation skills, adjusting to organizational change and keeping customer relationship are the key skills in 2013, according to ESI.

If you’re interested in their full professional view on trends in Project Management in 2013, check out this video:


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