Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

Having been in a bit of a temper over everybody’s darling electronics developing corporation I have made a startling discovery.

rosarotebrilleSnow White

For most of my life, I have been the happy, technology-ignoring, modernity-disowning user of older software, laptops, and  mobile phones. But deep down, I was forever envying the cool people playing around on their smartphone-toys, receiving messages on their WhatsApps, and whatnot.

So imagine my naive delight when, this Christmas, I received the thing. My very own, new phone: well, new to me, anyway. The iPhone 3.

Adam & Eve

For a few minutes, I was proudly introduced, no, initiated, into the cult of the cool people. So, after settling in, I immediately, with childish pleasure, started downloading the holy grail. WhatsApp – cool. Until, to my utter panic, there appeareth the message of horror onto my screen.

“Update Required – This app requires iOS 4.3”

So what, you may ask. Just update the software, you may say.  And I tried. But here’s for the facts:

For my new, oldish iPhone 3G, there will be no further updates, and no new software. It’s officially “outdated”.

Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

Apparently, mid-December ’12, WhatsApp brought out its most recent iOS version: shiny 2.8.7, with a minimum requirement of iOS 4.3. This software version is available for all iPhones after the 3GS – but not for the original iPhone or 3G.

With this new version, WhatsApp not only forced every iPhone to automatically update to the current version, but also cut off support from the older versions. If you are a completely new user, you cannot even send the verification code on an older WhatsApp version.

greenpois0n logo

Of course, the WhatsApp and Apple Support forums have been running hot over Christmas. But opinions differ.

On the net, you’ll find various users just stating to “get a new phone and be done with it”. And I’ll probably have to agree with this Blog, too, that it’s “normal in today’s accelerated market [for WhatsApp to drop support for this old iOS version]”.

But still –  how hard could it have been to provide an older version for the older phones?

WhatsApp itself shoves the blame on Apple, claiming they cut off support first, and that it’s a technical thing.

Trouble is –  this will not be a WhatsApp problem only.
Already, the Facebook messenger and various other Apps require the new iOS, too – effectively reducing the older iPhones to basic texting and calling services. And for that, I assure you, I don’t need a smartphone.


So why not just provide the older software?

Obviously, to force the users to update their hardware in order to make it compatible again.

So, in my frustration,  I realized all the bad things that, throughout History, were directly caused by the involvement of Apples.

Remember how Adam and Eve were thrown out of Paradise? Or how Snow White was given a poisonous Apple that made her fall into her enchanted sleep in the first place? Or how, even in modern times, a lawyer will never be happy if he received the verdict about the “Fruit of a Poisonous Tree”?

So History repeats itself. And I, for one, will probably stay clear of this kind of technology in the future, too – or at least switch to another publisher.


5 thoughts on “Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

  1. First of all I need to admit that I love your introducton. The way you put wit into your sentences represents your personality in a very nice way. Additonally, the fact that you come back to an overall topic, history and the change of time, reveals that you have strongly dealed with your topic. In this post you combined your last posts very well, i think you found YOUR topic.
    The only aspect I want to criticise is: Where did you get your information from? Have you considered the opinions of experts? The way you take the information critical and think about them yourself is very advances but it would be great to know names and sources.
    Very well written 🙂

  2. Hey Anna!

    I admire this Post! Your introduction using the Storytelling technique already gives a good start and your pictures follow your great structure very well. I love your subheadings! Bringing together technology with ironic pictures, fairy tale like headings and your personal exploration – great.
    For your next post you might make more use of the reportive speech and using your own opinion for analyzes rather.
    I’m curious to read more!!


  3. i found your topic really interesting, nice picture all the way that making the reader follow the blog to the end. also the personal problem of yours- that you trying to figure out.
    well done!

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