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Going Viral

Hi People!

Having discovered some really masterful Advertising in  last week’s Post “Dumb Ways to Die”, I’m now concerned with the question of what exactly made these clips so powerful and successful.  The answer, surely, is Viral Marketing.

But what exactly is Viral Marketing?

As an answer, I’d like to present you yet another video.

So basically, the Viral Marketing trick is all about making people like your Products or ideas so much that they want to share them with others!

What are the perks?

Well, according to Alex Petrovic from, “the moment a business or a company decides to go viral on the advertising strategies, gross sales and brand recognition are improved, resulting into a bigger profit”.

He also names the tools for Viral Marketing: the ultimate tool, the internet, with social networking sites and blogging, but also word-of-mouth, texts, images, eBooks, ads, banners, and social Media like TV and Radio.

And how does it work?


Well, here opinions start to differ. describes Viral Marketing as a “set of wheels”: “if one wheel turns, it causes the other wheel to turn”, also. They also give advice on how to shape content, useful, relevant information, brand memorability, leverage online presence and viral hooks, all of which help the wheels to turn.

Adam Harrell from, however, has a completely different approach: first of all, he divides Viral Marketing into 2 Categories:


“Viral Memes”,  which are short-lived phenomena that appear in popular culture, get shared a lot, and disappear just as quickly, and “Viral platforms”, that possess increasing utility for their users the more people join. They become “more viral” the more they’re shared, and are attributed with certain “stickiness”, according to Harrell.

He also claims that “you have to throw a lot of stuff against the wall to get something to stick” and cautions that “Memes are unpredictable”.  He emphasizes  this, because

“they require an adoption by the greater culture that is completely random.”

– which makes it sound so difficult.

Others, like Cynthia from are more sanguine. She just thinks the fun-factor is the most important aspect.  She claims that by creating entertaining enough content and then asking your social background to share it, things will spread themselves. “Simply create an e-mail containing several jokes, insert an image that has your web address on it, or write some content and place your links, then send it to your friends asking them to pass it on.”

So, what do you think of Viral Marketing?

Feel free to leave a comment!



3 thoughts on “Going Viral

  1. the youtube video explain quite good the topic, and the decision to put it up the front- was smart!
    also the images playing a big rule, great selections!

  2. Great Post!
    I really like how you explain viral marketing in a very easy way to understand. You have included a nice video and your pictures fit perfectly to the topic, as ROI already said.
    Searching the internet I have found an article on about the six principles of viral marketing. Maybe a topic for your future posts?

  3. Hey Anna,

    Charlene and I have read your post and we have to admit it is simply stunning. We both really like your structure. You lead the reader through your post from one interesting paragraph to another which are all brilliantly furnished with catchy subheads. At the very beginning you show a video which is a great medium to give further details to your post but also to catch the reader’s attention. Furthermore you used images in a very smart way because they support the facts and details you explain. This makes it very easy for the reader to understand and this – in turn- has the effect that the reader feels he has learnt something – we do at least after having read your post! We could also easily follow your research since you have added plenty of links to the articles you have taken all the information from – good work!
    Another awesome point that we want to mention is that you have successfully managed to flawlessly connect to your previous post which makes your work appear in a very sophisticated manner!
    However we could not agree wether we like the title of your post or not. On one hand it does not completely make the reader assume what your post might be about which can lead to confusion or disinterest or completely on the contrary it might also create interest and catch attention since the reader might think “hm..what could that be about? I wanna know..” This of course leaves a lot of room to debate whether true or false.
    Another thing we would like to mention refers to the end of your post. It is good that you involve your readers and invite them to express their opinion. However we are not completely convinced if this will lead you to the effect you desire. One solution for that might be to announce an open question in the preview already and answer it also by yourself in the following post.
    Good luck with your further research! Do you already know if you are going to continue posting about viral marketing?

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