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Project Management DRIVES ME CRAZY

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there” – Will Rogers

Like any Business, its Project Management is changing. What are the current debates and issues arising nowadays? In our fast-moving, global world, where the customer has tons of choices when looking for a product, the product management needs to adjust as well. Therefore, the Project Manager (PM) has to bring Quality, functionality and many more into one time frame. With globalization, the way of communication has changed dramatically and the PM needs to adjust in order to ensure effective communication, both internal and external.

First, this is a list of the major steps in project management: 1. Create a register 2. Log Issues 3. Assign Actions 4. Monitor Progress 5. Assess Impact 6. Approve Resolution 7. Close out

Quality of the Project work and functionality of the products versus time issues

Over time, inflexible projects have changed to become flexible. One of the new approaches of how to plan a project is the concept of Agile Project Management Release Planning, whose keyword is flexibility. baIt is designed to be able to turn on a dime and pivot in real-time as needs and circumstances change. This is predicted on the fact that smaller releases executed over smaller time frame will ideally not change much. Then, as the release cycle is underway, feedback and adjustments can be made that will move into the next release.

In order to bring improvement and functionality into the cycle, time management often suffers. How can one stay flexible without letting the time slip away? Stay realistic and have a reality check. When setting a date for when a project can be done, a realistic date is barely ever set as the client often would like to have it done as soon as possible. When the due date is arriving, however, the project may not yet be finished and a new date needs to be negotiated. This usually happens more than once. Do you have the disaster of the Berlin Brandenburg (BER) Airport in mind? Millions of euros from tax payers already went into that project and by today, its opening date was re-set more than 3 times.

New ways of communication

With globalization and the development of technology, opportunities and threads regarding effective communication have arisen. Currently, buerocracy and different ways of communication are holding efficiency back. E.g. reports take time to develop, maintain, read and follow up. Moves are away from buerocracy and towards some standard methods, e.g. when writing a report, so that one only needs to fill it out and the outline is well-known, in order to speed up the administration process.

Communication barriers

–          Men/Woman

As women are in higher positions than they used to be, men need to communicate with women more often. While men use to talk direct, women however, tend to talk a lot longer. They also communicate problems in order to gain support and connection where men rather offer or expect solutions.

–          Politically correct communication

The need to be aware of how words can offend others

–          Cross-cultural communication

Employees working together on a project who speak different languages, have different means of gestures and different ways of viewing work

–          Electronic communication

+ Ability to almost reach anyone at anytime

– Less separation of work and private life

– Less (costly) face-to-face meetings, which however are effective to understand one another

This article shortly outlines two of many current project management issues, two very important ones. A project manager combines multiple skills and abilities, which only majorly stay the same over time. To give you an insight preview on this blog, my next post will be about how transparency gains higher importance for project managers nowadays. So as you can guess, they are many current and future issues arising.

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5 thoughts on “Project Management DRIVES ME CRAZY

  1. Hullo Charlene!
    It’s amazing how you’re already so interested in Management Issues. You have found out a lot about the ever present dilemma: Quality & Functionality vs. Time issues in Project Management. It’s also obvious that you did a lot of research and have used our report structures really well.
    However, your post is a bit text-heavy. You tried to make it more diverse by changing text-alignments, but how about including a video or more images?
    I could imagine, since your posts are usually more on the theoretical side, that you might want to show how it happens in reality. Just an errant thought.
    I like your idea of adding a Blogroll and linking all our Sources.
    Good job!

  2. Hey Charlene!
    Very sophisticated choice of subject and great style. You dig deep into what is essential. Very recent and important topic which makes it interesting to read. One important thing I recognized is that you should not forget to use reportive language in order to represent the opinion taken from other professionals.
    Are you going to continue working on current management issues or are you going to link it to your previous posts about technology and information systems? I guess you have plenty of options to relate those two issues. You could research to what extend IT systems are indispensable for (project) management, for instance. What do you think?

    Furthermore I appreciate a lot that you have referenced the blogs you have taken your information from! Well done.

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