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Facebook Manipulates our Consumer Behaviour!


1 out of 5 minutes in the internet is spent on Social networks.

3 out of 4 minutes spent on Social Networks are spent on facebook. 1 out of 7 minutes in the internet are spent on facebook. Facebook is the number 3 most visited internet page world wide. The number of facebook users equals  52% of the United States.

Boring facts and absolutely irrelevant for brands and companies?

Wrong! Facebook has a huge influence on consumer behaviour. In fact companies can take an enormous advantage of facebook. Why?

Interestingly, quite a lot of research has been done. Sarah Mc Bride, currently working for Reuters, stated just a few months ago:

“Marketing on Facebook influences consumer behaviour and leads to increased purchases for the brands that leverage the social-networking site”

A research, made by facebook and comscore goes even further, supporting her statement. They evaluated the impact of facebook fans of a brand, their friends and the use of the news feed application.

Interestingly, Michael Lazerow, CEO and Founder of Buddy Media and Linda Abraham, CMO and Co-Founder of comScore, applause the research and came to the conclusion:

  1.  Facebook fans serve as a starting point in the marketing process.
  2.  Friends of fans are also addressed by advertisement
  3.  News feed messages play an important role

Mike Rich measured the effect of social media in the U.S. companies Starbucks, bing and Southwest. He insists, facebook fans and their friends are more lickely to visit the stores and spend 8 % more money than the average American internet user. Also, he emphasizes that the impression made by the fans is high, but in fact their friends actually double the impression again.


Sarah Mc Bride has focused on the value of news feed and advocates that fans, which received daily messages on their news feeds are 19 % more likely to purchase, friends of fans even 27 %.

Conceding, other investigations stated the following advantages of facebook marketing:

  1. The number of how many people saw an ad can be defined easily.
  2. The customer’s interest and preferences can be determined.
  3. Depth of engagement and loyalty can be increased.
  4. The purchase behaviour can be generated much easier.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Manipulates our Consumer Behaviour!

  1. Dear Caro!
    You have chosen a very catchy heading! It made me want to read your post immediately. Moreover I really like that you go deep in your research and I believe that you have a big chance to dig deeper into exactly this subject. I could imagine you deepen your research and learn about how companies use social media platforms as marketing medias to reach a whole range of potential customers and how those exactly make money with it. It might be also interesting to get to know what possibilities there are to do advertisement on facebook. Like for example buy advertising space, create a profile for the product you want to sell and collect likes/shares… But how to proceed? These are just some ideas. Great style of writing. Great choice of images. Good job.

  2. oh yes you could add the blogs you have cited into our blog roll and maybe use subheads to give a better visual structure. In this post you did perfectly well and I was not missing subheads at all. Maybe it is just good to keep that in mind.

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