Which branches do need Business Technology? – Part 1

Medical science

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” – Carl Sagan

IFAP, SAP, SPSS, ENTNOTE – all names of technology used by doctors and pharmaceutics, but how much do they understand of these programs, of business technology and how much do they need to understand of these?

Do doctors actively use business technology?

Where can you find out – asking the doctors and medicine a student was the first way to go.  Programming they wouldn’t need they told me, but a basic understanding; definitely! What every doctor holds onto is a cell phone in order to be able to call a specialist. In praxis, due to time issues, doctors often try to work out problems their selves first and then call an IT professional. Therefore, basic understanding proved to be very handy and some computing skills speed up the work! Unfortunately, as explained in my first post two weeks ago, trying it on your own may be very harmful as well. To summarize it, basic understanding is needed, but no programming at all – oh wait one last point to mention: HTML coding is needed in order to search through their programs.

Do scientists actively use business technology?

Yes! They need to be able to do the programming, in certain cases they even need to understand the whole physics of a program. Scientists are specialized to do the complicated calculations, while in contrast to doctors; their range of knowledge is somewhat smaller. Who is in between doctors and scientists, regarding to computing knowledge, are the pharmaceutics, who also have the specialist available via phone but need to really engage in the programs needed and learn them during their praxis time in the hospital. If they are specializing in scientific research, they need to understand the programs in greater detail.


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