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Do you really need Business Technology?

THINK before engaging in workload.

Technology is a play thing, yes?

Are you sure? Do you really want to learn it, do you have the time, do you have the possibility, do you need it, and do you miss other important work? Engaging in business technology management – what does that mean, involve, include?!

Yes, I need Technology and its Philosophy.

Technology nowadays is a helpful tool to improve our work. If you can learn how to focus on solving problems with the help of technology, you are a likely to work efficiently and keep technology as a useful tool in your life. Everything you can do will put you one step ahead to the ones who are not able to solve this problem via technology – and need you. In our information system world, where communication equals fast processing information, knowing it in greater detail will not only make you a better worker – it will get you the jobs easier! The author of the blog used the comparison to plumping: “Just like computers, we interact with plumping every day, although perhaps not to the same extent. (…) I think that everyone should know some plumping. I think that we all should know enough so that we’re not completely helpless if the sink is blocked. I’m not saying that we all need to know enough to become a professional plumper; there’s nothing wrong with calling a plumper if you have a big plumping job. Even if your big job is something you could fix yourself with sufficient expertise, (…) I’d much rather be absolutely sure that the job is done right.” Understanding the basics might be great!

No, I don’t need Technology and its Philosophy.

.Learning the basics about Technology takes up time and does not make a professional out of you. You only got 24 hours a day – you should use them wisely to get the most out of it. If you organize a, let’s say movie scene, you need to know A LOT about shooting. In fact, you need to have such detailed view, that the Production Manager Assistant (the one to write the disposition) is one of the first persons to enter the team. He also needs how to write the disposition and there are a lot of great programs out there (since Apple developed) – but you are able to write a great one with post-its as well. If you have the time – learn about the programs. If you do not have the time, concentrate on the actual work. Keep the opportunity cost in mind, always!


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