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Diamond rush at all cost? – The Ice Road Truckers

“Only a few feet of Ice is all that stands between you & disaster.  Will the ice hold as you drive over it?  The frightening sound of the ice road cracking as you make your way to the diamond mines is truly indescribable even for the most experienced of drivers…  For those that wish to brave the elements, there is no other job like it in the world!”

Can you imagine that people drive voluntarily with their heavy trucks over thin ice and thus risking their lifes day by day? If not, you haven’t heard of the TV show “Ice Road Truckers”.

In northern Canada you can find diamond mines , which are not normally reached by vehicles. But for two months, it is so cold that all the lakes freeze, so that the company Tli Cho     Landtran built a ice road between the mine and the city of Yellowknife. Truckers from all over America gather in the small town, to bring many thousands of tons of cargo to the mines, since a tour can bring them up to U.S. $ 2000.

In these 60 days to work many ice truckers earn their annual salary. But the tours on the ice are not harmless. The roads are smooth, constant pull on snow storms and there are temperatures of 40 ° C below zero. For the truckers who want to create in a short time so many tours as possible, the ice road can be a death trap, as driver error can break the ice of lakes.

The Challenges

Life on the Ice Road certainly offers challenge to any truck driver. They are responsible for the Cargo, and generating revenue for the trucking companies. If they fail, then their contract may be cancelled.

The pressure is on to take the Ice Road’s into the unknown, to go and come back in one piece.

There is no other greater challenge for a Truck Driver than to hit the Ice Roads, gauging how fast you should drive, how quick you shou

ld take the turn, calculating how much sleep you need, or keeping your own schedule.

Opportunities for all

The Ice Road Trucking Employment sector offers opportunities for all, regardless of age, physical condition, or country of origin. No where in Canada can an inexperienced, ordinary individual earn a year’s salary within a 2-month time frame.

Imagine working two months out of the year, and having the rest of the 10 months off, kicking back, traveling and enjoying life.

Regardless of what industry you currently work or are engaged in, whether it be the service-industry, computers, technology, etc…, or a licensed truck driver, the question you have to ask yourself is:

Why work 40-60 hours a week, 9-11 months out of the year, when you can work less and make an equal amount or greater in only 2 months?


One thought on “Diamond rush at all cost? – The Ice Road Truckers

  1. This is definitely a topic that I have not heard a lot about. That is why I am happy to have read your post. It is incredible what they do! Do you think the high salary paid to those drivers are a compensation for the risk they are taking into account? Do you think somebody’s is enriching himself on this particular risk?

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