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The Next Generation Is Getting Ready For It.

No culture can survive, if it attempts to be exclusive. By Mahatma Gandhi.

Language is a crucial part when it comes to culture. Especially nowadays as the world is becoming interdependent in terms of economy and partially in politics. People move with their families where jobs are offered and as Sachin Rambhau Kukale, an Indian business blogger, depicts in his blog post it is in fact communication that connects people and is one of the most important goods in the human world.

Exceeding our horizons – learn a foreign language.

What is interesting for us as business students is the extend to which the knowledge of foreign languages can affect our career or offer us bright prospects for our futures. The answer for this question I am going to research during the next weeks.

Foreign languages – benefits and advantages for our careers.

Kulake identifies several advantages of exceeding our horizons when learning foreign languages. One of the most significant aspects of multi-lingual people is the increased logical reasoning capacity and an better overall understanding in comparison to mono-lingual people. In addition he mentions the globalized labour market in which companies rely on multi-linguists when expanding their business operations.

The next generation is getting ready for it.

As you can see in this video little children as Lili are already brought up learning more than one (or two) languages. Stefanie describes in her blog post “Advantages of Multilingualism!” on Lexiophiles that there are already many families that are bringing up their children bi- or even trilingual and that up to the age of seven children can start and easily deal with new languages.

When keeping a business sustainable

addressing consumers in their native languages is the ideal approach as it is presented in Sustainablity World wide in the post “Why learning a foreign language is good for you“. Learning foreign languages is according to the blog post an advantageous aspect in the area of sustainability. The most influencing languages at the moment are Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Portuguese and even French when considering its importance in Africa.

Until now these were only a few aspects why languages become so important nowadays and what impact they can have on our future careers. These definitely have to be analyzed more precisely and brought into context. This, I am going to do for next week’s blog post.


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